About us



With you since year 1968.

Norberto Castillo founded the Los Náufragos beach bar in the summer of 1968. In his beginnings, These establishments were removable and only operated for two months.

However, at the beginning of the years 80, an association was established with the aim of improving and dignifying this type of establishments, which were not widely appreciated at that time, generally frequented by fishermen and people of humble origins.

In 1989, an important work was carried out that provided the beach bar with the necessary improvements for its stability and continuous operation. and in the year 2020, we completed a comprehensive remodel. In addition to the beach bar, we offer 80 hammocks and 6 Balinese beds for the enjoyment of our clients.

Over the years, we have served multiple generations of clients, witnessing how now it is the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of our first clients who visit us. Our specialty is grilled fish, a wide variety of them cooked on the embers of our boat.

Flavors of the Sea at Los Náufragos

Where freshness meets excellence in every dish.

Our menu offers a wide selection of dishes, ranging from delicious starters to fried fish, grilled fish, fresh seafood and exquisite homemade desserts. To complement your gastronomic experience, we invite you to explore our extensive wine list. Enjoy a perfect combination of flavors and aromas in every bite and sip.
At Los Náufragos Chiringuito, The entire team does their best to provide an unforgettable culinary experience to our customers.. We select the best raw materials, especially fresh fish, with which each dish is prepared with love and dedication, reflecting our team's commitment to their work.